Prosperous of Family (1970)

Directed by
Not awful, but no great reason to watch it
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-11-22

When the head of the Hsueh household is killed by bandits, his two senior wives and servants run off, leaving the junior wife to raise his son (a horrible, spoilt piece of shit) with no money or status.

Essentially a morality play promoting Confucian virtues, embodied by the 3rd wife's loyalty and sacrifice, which eventually bring out the well hidden virtue in her step-son. Ultimately, virtue is rewarded and the wicked senior wives get their comeuppance.

This is a Union Films production (featuring some very familiar sets), but it can't be classed as a wuxia - there are a couple of fights but action is not a focus at all.

The film isn't particularly subtle, nor does it offer much in the way of surprises. It's a functional piece of drama, but there's no particular reason to watch it unless you have a wayward stepson and two bitchy senior wives that you need to send a message to.