Filthy Guy (1978)

Directed by
Fairly disposable but Sammo is Sammo
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-12-06

This Taiwanese indie kung fu comedy is quite an obscure film given that it's an early starring role for Sammo Hung. Part of the reason is no doubt that it's been difficult to see, as Taiwanese indie kung fu comedies can be.

FILTHY GUY is a bit light on fights for the genre, which I guess is like describing a river as "a bit light on water", but there are a couple of good brawls and throw downs.

The story is quite strong, even if the script doesn't present it in the best possible light, and the comedy is... not the worst you'll have seen in a film with Dean Shek in the cast.

Compared to the stone cold classics it sets next to in Sammo Hung's filmography there's no question that the film looks slight, but it's not a bad example of the cheap & quick indie productions of the era that allowed a new generation of film makers a lot of freedom to experiment.

Watched in Mandarin with custom English subtitles, which took a lot of time and effort... there's an English dubbed version on YouTube that is probably no worse than the Mandarin dub though, if you can tolerate such things.