Asia-Pol (1967)

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Reviewed by Simon on 2023-12-10

Jimmy Wang Yu plays a Chinese-Japanese agent working for the Asia Secret Police who goes to Hong Kong on the trail of a criminal gang who may or may not have murdered his father, who he hasn't seen for 18 years.

Actually I'm still not quite sure what the plot to this film was... people flit between Japan, Hong Kong and Macau for reasons that all seem to make sense at the time, but when you put them all together it' s not really clear why any of it happened.

Jimmy Wang Yu doesn't really bring the swagger that an aspiring Bond-clone needs, and remains quaintly chaste in the face of all the free-love that was in the air at the time. Jo Shishido is arguably more interesting as the villain, although his puffed up cheeks are a bit of a distraction... it looks like he's having an allergic reaction, but he pretty much always looked that way.

Not much to recommend here to be honest, but it's harmless.


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  • Asia-Pol Secret Service

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