Golden Swallow (1987)

Directed by
Pretty Ghost story
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-11-18
A very nicely photographed rip off of A Chinese Ghost Story. The VCD has great picture quality (well, about the same as a Mei Ah DVD), but a noticable lack of English subtitles. I'm not sure whether this diminished or increased my enjoyment though. So much of the plot is lifted wholesale from ACGS that there was no problem following what was going on, although the bickering between unlikely Taoists Eric Tsang and Richard Ng might have been amusing to understand. Without words though, I was able to simply watch the film on an aesthetic level, and it was quite rewarding as such. The aesthetic is lifted straight from ACGS, and Cherie Cheung doesn't come close to Joey Wang's ghost with a heart, but the overall look of the film was very nice, with some really beautiful shots.