Roaring Fire (1981)

Directed by
Tons of fun
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-02-27

Within the opening minutes of this film Hiroyuki Sanada has been gunned down in Hong Kong and a cowboy in Texas, learned he's the son of a billionaire and had his pet monkey steal girls' bikini tops. It doesn't get any less bonkers from there.

Roaring Fire is a ton of fun, I love a film that just throws ideas at you non-stop and doesn't worry too much about whether they make sense together (as it happens, they mostly do - kind of).

The action is great too - Sanada is in top form, and Sonny Chiba and Etsuko Shiomi both get chance to strut their stuff. Japanese action is often a bit rough compared to its Hong Kong contemporaries, but this one stands proud.

Cinema, ladies and gents.