Baby Assassins 2 (2023)

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Another adorable slice of assassination
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-03-02

The girls are back and... not doing much of anything, really. Who would have guessed that's what the hitman genre was missing all this time?

This time they have rivals, two up and coming assassins who hope to get a job with the agency by creating a baby-sized vacancy. Meanwhile, the girls have bills to pay.

I guess you should watch A JANITOR before this to get the full picture, as it is - I assume - almost as much a sequel to that as to BABY ASSASSINS. Just knowing that A JANITOR exists is basically enough to figure out how they connect though.

I really enjoyed this film as it is anyway - it is goofy and charming, and even if the action finale isn't quite as spectacular this time it's still pretty damn good. Joey Iwanaga has impressed me every time I've seen him on screen, and this is no exception - he and Saori Izawa are well paired.

Here's to many more adventures for these baby killers! Wait, no... not like that!


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  • Baby Assassins: 2 Babies