Fantasy Mission Force (1983)

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Well it's different...
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-04-08

In 1983 Chu Yen-Ping called in some favours to assemble an absolutely stellar cast for a Taiwanese dirty-dozen style film, seemingly forgot to write the script until the night before and so had them basically prat about in a series of loosely strung together skits whilst searching for opportunities to blow things up.

Fantasy Mission Force is famously nonsensical, a barrage of hare-brained ideas that veers about wildly in tone and style from scene to scene. There is some outrageous action, some incredibly juvenile humour, an inexplicable sequence in a haunted house and a finale of extraordinary carnage. It's hard to know what he was thinking - maybe he didn't expect to actually get Jackie Chan, Jimmy Wang Yu and Brigitte Lin to agree to appear in the film and just pitched it as a joke when he was high.

The result is at least a one of a kind experience, albeit one that is likely to leave viewers drawn by its stars scratching their heads.