Mutant Ghost Wargirl (2022)

Directed by
Kind of mad
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-05-03

With a title like MUTANT GHOST WARGIRL the film is assured at least 3 stars before it even starts, and it neither betrays nor exceeds that promise.

At a brisk 72 minutes the film has too much plot to fit in to waste time with things like explaining it, but it would be redundant if it did. If you're the sort of person that watches a film called MUTANT GHOST WARGIRL you will understand it. The script feels like it was assembled from scraps found in Hideo Kojima's waste bin - the subtitles I watched it with only barely made sense, but it didn't feel like it mattered.

The film is visually impressive, with some elaborate camera work and gorgeous use of colours. The action scenes are compelling in an anime/video-game sort of way, hyper-exaggerated and stylised. The budget doesn't let them go as far as I'm guessing they would have done if they could, but they make good use of what they have.

Extra credit for more or less plagiarising the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack.


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