Bad Blood (2023)

Directed by
Vietnam gives the Taken formula a welcome splash of colour.
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-05-24

A man with a violent past tries to settle down, but thugs kidnap his step-daughter and... well, guess.

The story is kind of a mess - you can tell they worked backwards from "What would be a cool setting for a fight?" - but it's not particularly important anyway, and not at all original.

What matters is the fights, and they are not disappointing - not amazing, but the choreography is dynamic and the camera work even more so (it's the same team that worked on Veronica Ngo's Furies the year before, I think).

The fight in an art gallery is certainly the highlight of the film - it makes absolutely no sense at all, but it is visually striking and provides some creative scenarios. It's kind of a shame that they didn't save it for the climax, as the finale is well filmed but less distinctive.

It's definitely one for action heads only, and something you'd probably want to watch on a streaming platform rather than own, but it's the sort of film you can put on when you have some time to kill and be confident it won't feel like you wasted it.