Look Out, Officer! (1990)

Directed by
Funny remake of "Where's Officer Tuba?"
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-02-03

A remake of Sammo Hung's Where's Officer Tuba? starring Stephen Chiau in one of his first comedic roles.

Bill Tung is a cop who is killed on the job by a bad guy whose face he never sees, but whose armpit odour is particularly foul. Upon reaching the heaven immigration department he is surprised to discover that his death has been reported as suicide due to debts... so he bribes the official to let him go down to earth to clear his name & take vengeance. On earth, Stephen Chiau turns out to be his contact... much to Chiau's distress, but Uncle Bill persuades him to help with the promise of supernatural assistance wooing girls. Throw in Stanley Fung as Bill's ex-partner who is dabbling in Taoist magic, Fung's sexy daughter who becomes the object of Chiau's affections, a cameo from Amy Yip and the only 70 year old virgin in Hong Kong and you get a pretty crazy mixture!

It's all good fun, and reasonably well made - special effects are pretty good for the time and place. Uncle Bill & Chiau have good chemistry and... well, it's a very silly and often very funny movie! Not one I'd pick to introduce somebody to Chiau, or to HK Cinema, but for those who are well disposed towards both, the movie should be a rewarding watch. Probably not quite as good as the original overall though.