My Cousin The Ghost (1987)

Directed by
Didn't appear to be worth finishing
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-04-14

Richard Ng (who I like) returns home from some years running a restaurant in England, to move back in with his family of cousins containing Wu Ma & Kenny Bee amongst others. But, tragically, the cousins have had to rent out his room since they all got sacked and are on the dole. Oh no, what will they do!? The fact that the woman in the room is killed in a car crash the night before Richard is due to return could almost be seen as a blessing... except that for some reason or other she decides she's going to stay in the room anyway, even if she is a ghost. I think this was because she'd already paid several months rent in advance, but there may have been something about being a soul-sucking man-killing demon or such, or maybe that was somebody else.

Anyway, much comedy abounds 'cause... like, she's a ghost... and she's in Richard's room. And he and Wu Ma had a falling out and stuff. OK, not so much comedy as 'painfully contrived scenes of little entertainment value'.

The twist in the plot is apparently that Richard is a ghost too, presumably having died in England, but he doesn't realise it. And his cousins don't know how to break the news to him. I was so completely bored after 30 minutes that I just fast-forwarded through the remainder though, so I can't say whether it miraculously becomes amusing after this fact is discovered.