Red To Kill (1994)

Directed by
Pretty despicable
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-05-22

I decided to check out one of Billy Tang's Cat III 'classics' to see why they had such a reputation. I can only conclude it's because rape and sexual violence are considered entertaining by enough people to constitute an audience.

There's a serial rapist/killer on the loose in an appartment complex that is also home to a shelter for retarded kids. Social worker Money Lo gets involved in the place when she has to take Lily Chung to live there.

There's actually quite a semblance of a plot there in the movie, but as a thriller it's not particularly well crafted, and you can't help but feel that it is all just an elaborate scheme to show naked flesh... but there isn't even all that much nudity in the end, and what there is comes in the form of some unpleasantly violent rape scenes, so it's hard to look at it as 'erotic'.

To my mind, the movie has very little going for it - but if you think this sort of movie is your sort of thing, it's probably reasonably well made for the genre.