Ten Tigers Of Kwantung (1979)

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Disposable kung fu
Reviewed by Simon on 2006-05-01

The main draw for TEN TIGERS OF KWANG TUNG is the cast, which brings together many of Chang Cheh's favourite martial artists from Ti Lung through to the Venoms, along with then-newcomers like Chin Siu-Ho and Siao Yuk. With such a lot of talent you can expect some good fights, though the choreography is not particularly imaginative or intricate compared to the work Lau Kar-Leung or Sammo Hung were doing at the time.

What you shouldn't expect (and won't get) is good acting, high production values or a very satisfying story. The structure is weird, with a flashback taking up well over half the running time and introducing a new set of characters... such that you pretty much forget about those you saw at the start, until it cuts back to "present day" for the finale, which robs it of its dramatic impact because you stopped caring ages ago. Should probably have been two separate films! The film has that cheap feel that latter day Chang Cheh films tended to have (as he became more studio bound), and some of the film feels kind of sloppy, as if not too much time, money or effort was being spent on it.

Worth a watch for the cast and the action, with a few great moments, but mostly it feels like a pretty disposable film from the Chang Cheh assembly line.