Accidental Spy (2001)

Directed by
Decent international espionage/thriller
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-11-17

Jackie Chan in decent international espionage/thriller territory (but by accident, as the title implies). He's a salesman in an exercise shop who ends up caught in the middle of the CIA, Korean Terrorists and angry Turks in competition for biological weapons.

Features the usual Chan assortment of stunts & action, the usual gorgeous women 1/4 of his age and the usual hokey but entertaining plot that such films involve. Great production values and much entertainment, although the "Speed" section was, as many have observed, completely unnecessary and much too long. Features the wonderfully inspired line: "A scientist developed a new more deadly strain of Anthrax called.... Anthrax 2!". Gotta love the sense of humour those scientist blokes have.

Obviously the terrorism/bio-terrorism is a bit of a sensitive topic at the moment - I seem to remember hearing that it was due for a US theatrical release before Sept 11th. It's a shame it now likely won't be shown, as I think it would have been well received. It would probably embarrass the studios that produced the Rush Hours to have US audiences see a 'proper' Jackie film though, so I'm sure they're not unhappy.