The Enchantress (1983)

Directed by
a difficult one to rate
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-02-27

This is a difficult one to rate, because it's below average in most respects (writing, acting, lighting, voice acting, even subtitles), but then it is so stuffed full of manic wirework and cheesy special effects that if you're a fan of the fantasy wu xia genre you have to see it anyway.

The film starts off a bit A Chinese Ghost Story, but then goes into pure Zu: Warriors Of The Magic Mountain rip-off mode, to the point that the characters effectively mention the fact they're going to rip ZU off for their ending :p

The production and direction are not up to ZU's standards, and the wirework is much less accomplished (far too many visible wires) but no less passionate. It's hard to say it's a good film, but it's definitely one to see?

The Mandarin voice casting is really bad for the film though, and coupled with some of the goofy comedy I quite often wished a Cantonese dub had been available for the film.