Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)

Directed by
Highly recommended Chiau movie
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-10-21

Early Stephen Chiau movie continuing his "trickster" image. Chiau, Theresa Mo and Wu Ma are all tricksters in debt to Roy Cheung & Yuen Wah, tough nut loan sharks. They each separately hatch a plan to rip off a particularly rich house to pay back the debt, which leads to much confusion as they get in each other's way. Amy Yip has a small part as a hooker brought in by Wu Ma to assist in his cheating.

Absolutely hilarious movie - had me laughing constantly. One of Chiau's most amusing films in fact. So many fantastic parts Amy Yip's part was a bit unnecessary, but at least they're quite open about the fact that she's really only there for her chest size...

Definitely a movie I'd strongly consider using to introduce people to the world of Stephen Chiau.