Nabi (2001)

Directed by
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-11-08

Clearly very low budget, the movie basically feels amateurish. Camerawork is home movie quality (there's no attempt at lighting or anything cinematic), acting is weak (I never once forgot that I was watching actors), script is clumsy and disjointed...

There's all sorts of vague imagery and themes that seems like it should mean something artistic, but ultimately doesn't really say much about much. At least, it didn't say very much to me. Without assuming gender stereotypes, I think it's safe to say NABI is a movie that probably appeals more to women than men though.

It's a shame the movie comes in this ultra-luscious 2 DVD box set with booklet & a strip of frames from the movie, 'cause I really just didn't get enough out of the movie to ever want to watch the 2nd disc of extras or even to look in the booklet. Lovely as the Limited Edition packaging is, I can't really justify having the movie take up as much shelf space as it does!