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Sylvia Chang (Director, Actor) Rene Liu Angelica Lee
A skillful and subtle movie (Thursday, June 7, 2012)
A nostalgic Meta-Western (Thursday, August 4, 2022)
Francis Ng (Director, Actor) Christine Ng Amanda Lee Sandy Shaw (Writer) Herman Yau (Cinematographer)
Yeah, I needed to watch it again (Friday, September 1, 2023)
Maybe marriage isn't for some people (Friday, April 2, 2021)
Anthony Chan (Director, Actor, Writer) Kenny Bee Maggie Cheung Josephine Koo Season Ma Eddie Fong (Writer) Peter Pau (Cinematographer)
Goofy name, but not a goofy movie (Tuesday, February 5, 2002)
A great story (Saturday, November 24, 2001)
Mani Ratnam (Director, Writer) Madhavan Simran Keerthana Parthiepan Sujatha Rangarajan (Writer) Sujatha (Writer) A.R. Rahman (Soundtrack) Ravi K. Chandran (Cinematographer)
Powerful (Thursday, May 1, 2003)
A quieter, more contemplative Kitano film (Sunday, January 17, 2021)
Powerful (Saturday, September 5, 2020)