Memories Of Murder (2003)

Directed by
Engrossing and enjoyable
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-06-12

Based on true events from the 80`s when Korea was under military dictatorship, MEMORIES OF MURDER tells the story of South Korea's first ever serial killer. Song Kang-Ho plays detective Park, a country detective who has no experience with these sort of crimes, whilst Kim Sang-Kyung plays a city detective who comes to the country to help solve the case, and each set about trying to catch the killer with their different methods.

Being based on a true story, there isn't much room for mystery - so the film tells us right from the start that the case was never actually solved, which does rob the film of some tension. On the other hand you still wonder which of the suspects it might have been, if any, and I think this gives the film a unique character, rather than being just another generic serial killer story. The real story is the relationship between the cops and the country though.

Another brilliantly scripted, directed and acted Korean film. Really tight, engrossing and enjoyable. Highly recommended!