Black Comedy Movies

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Wicked fun (Monday, February 9, 2004)
Black comedy masterpiece (Sunday, September 6, 2020)
Johnnie To (Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director, Actor) Milkyway Image (Production Company) Lau Ching-Wan Leon Lai Fiona Leung Yoyo Mung Lam Suet Yau Nai-Hoi (Writer) Szeto Kam-Yuen (Writer) Raymond Wong Ying-Wah (Soundtrack)
A masterful work from Johnnie To (Sunday, January 8, 2006)
Wild and twisted genre mash-up (Wednesday, May 19, 2021)
Innovative and clever (Wednesday, March 29, 2006)
Non-essential (Thursday, May 19, 2022)
Peter Jackson (Director, Production Company, Actor, Writer, Cinematographer) Terry Potter Pete O'Herne Craig Smith Mike Minett Doug Wren Dean Lawrie
The bastards have landed (Friday, May 28, 2021)
Wilson Yip (Director, Writer) Adam Chan (Action Director) Jordan Chan Sam Lee Emotion Cheung Wayne Lai Angela Tong Matt Chow (Actor, Writer) Ken Lo Frankie Chan Chi-Leung Venus Keung (Cinematographer) Peter Kam (Soundtrack)
Quirky and fun low-budget film (Monday, January 16, 2006)
Peter Jackson (Director, Actor, Writer) Timothy Balme Diana Peñalver Elizabeth Moody Ian Watkin Fran Walsh (Actor, Writer) Stephen Sinclair (Writer) Murray Milne (Cinematographer)
A splatter masterpiece (Friday, May 28, 2021)