Space Travellers (2000)

Directed by
Very enjoyable hostage-based capers
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-10-15

SPACE TRAVELLERS is a film about a bank robbery gone wrong, ending a hostage scenario. There are quite a lot of films with a similar premise, but SPACE TRAVELLERS (or TRAVELERS for the Americans out there) probably takes a different tak to other films with the same storyline. It starts off all tough and Tarantino but ends up rather sweet and cuddly, which is quite an odd progression for a movie.

The basic storyline doesn't hold up to much questioning, but the characters, dialogue, performances and cinematography are all top of the range. Polygot Takeshi Kaneshiro makes one of his rare appearances in a Japanese film, and Masanobu Ando is as likeable and charismatic as he usually is.

One of the films I've most enjoyed recently.