Acción Mutante (1993)

Directed by
Wild and twisted genre mash-up
Reviewed by Simon on 2021-05-19

Acción Mutante are a terrorist organisation composed of freaks and outcasts who have sworn retribution on the beautiful and popular members of society. Their leader gets out of prison with a plan to kidnap a wealthy heiress and demand a ransom... but less of a plan for sharing it with his compadres.

The debut film from Alex De-la Iglesia is a riotous affair, a wild genre mash-up that is irreverent and twisted and delightful in equal measures. The production values make it resemble an episode of RED DWARF at times, but are an effective match for the absurdity of the material.

The film has something of the punk aesthetic to it, riding along on energy and enthusiasm and a desire to entertain at all costs. The cast are all on board and the crew make their presumably low budget work for them. It moves swiftly from one ingenious set piece to the next, and ends on a sweet note of redemption.

De-la Iglesia's next film El Dia De La Bestia is a more polished affair, but ACCIÓN MUTANTE is no less fun.