Nang Nak (2000)

Directed by
Definite recommendation
Reviewed by Simon on 2012-05-25

Based on a folk tale that seems to be common across Asia. A man goes away to war, and returns many months later to the joy of his devoted wife and new born child. But something has happened whilst he was gone, that he is initially unaware of. Even if you're not familiar with some variant of the tale, the movie's English title "Nang Nak - Ghost Wife" should give you some idea what

The movie is a very effectively told rendition of the tale, featuring some really nice cinematography of the jungle and swamp locations in which the movie takes place. It also has simply one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard - really beautiful and effective. The movie is quite creepy in places - the camerawork and lighting and soundtrack all conspiring to raise hairs, but ultimately the movie is more about a love so strong it transcends death than it is about scares, more of a tragedy than a horror movie.

The movie comes with a definite recommendation, if ghost stories are your cup of tea. Wish I could find the soundtrack cd!