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Wong Kar-Wai (Director, Writer) Tung Wai (Action Director) Tony Leung Chiu-Wai Zhang Ziyi Faye Wong Gong Li Maggie Cheung Carina Lau Dong Jie Chang Chen Kwan Pun-Leung (Cinematographer) Lai Yiu-Fai (Cinematographer) Christopher Doyle (Cinematographer)
Ching Siu-Tung (Director, Action Director) Lau Chi-Ho (Action Director) Bobby Wu Chi-Lung (Action Director) Kuo Chui (Action Director) Alan Chui (Action Director) Cinema City (Production Company) Leslie Cheung Joey Wang Wu Ma Lau Siu-Ming Yuen Gai-Chi (Writer) Poon Hang-Sang (Cinematographer) Lau Moon-Tong (Cinematographer) Horace Wong (Cinematographer) James Wong Jim (Soundtrack) Romeo Diaz (Soundtrack)
Seminal work of sublime beauty (Sunday, December 1, 2002)
Highly recommended! (Saturday, February 1, 2003)
DVD missing nearly half the film? (Tuesday, October 12, 2004)
Reviewed by Simon (Wednesday, May 12, 2021)
Heavy handed but hits its target (Thursday, August 25, 2022)
Traumatising (Friday, March 22, 2024)
One of Almodóvar's more grown up films (Wednesday, January 12, 2022)