Crimen Ferpecto (2004)

Directed by
8/10 - lightweight and accessible
Reviewed by Simon on 6/7/2012 12:39:13 PM

Mining fairly similar territory to LA COMMUNIDAD (secrets, rivalries and suspicions in a closed community escalating to absurdity), CRIMEN FERPECTO is a black comedy that's fairly lightweight and accessible, but still clever and very funny. As with LA COMMUNIDAD, the view of "ordinary people" he presents is rather misanthropic - but affectionately so (if that makes sense).

Iglesia has definitely matured and mellowed since the days of ACCION MUTANTE and Perdita Durango, but his wicked sense of humour remains intact and his films provide more rounded entertainment for not trying so hard to be "out there". CRIMEN FERPECTO rates a little lower than LA COMMUNIDAD, possibly for the sole reason that Carmen Maura is not the star, but it's still well recommended.



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