Pretty Ghost (1991)

Directed by
Not particularly recommended
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-04-08

Originally known as ALIEN WIFE - a silly name, because there are no aliens and nobody is married. There is a pretty ghost, however - miss Rosamund Kwan. Leung Ka Fai is a successful architect, but his company's Feng Shui master tells him he is under a bad sign, and due to die a horrible death. Sure enough, next site visit a malevolent spirit appears and causes an accident. The spirit wants to take his soul to hell, but at the last minute good spirit Rosamund turns up to save him. Tony wakes from his coma fine (not even a broken bone from his accident apparently), but now he & Rosamund are bound together in such a way that each feels what the other feels.

Nice set-up for some comedic moments, but what about a plot? How about Rosamund using her ghostly powers to help Tony woo office hottie Ellen Chan? More comedy AND romance... perfect. After a nice set-up, the movie pretty much squanders its opportunities though. There's some decent moments, a bit of comedy, a bit of romance, but it all just feels a little like re-trodden ground. The wonderful Miu Siu Wai has a small role that made me laugh as she always does. Rosamund & Tony put in good performances, Ellen & Rosamund look fantastic... but the script & direction lack any real spark to bring it all together in a way that you particularly care.

Not particularly recommended, but maybe it suffered from being watched in two halves.