Blood Brothers (2007)

Directed by
A bit boring
Reviewed by Simon on 2008-02-28

Three brothers from the country go to Shanghai with dreams of working as waiters, but get involved with organised crime, which eventually brings them into conflict with each other (actually quite quickly).

The film's story is broadly similar to 1973's BLOOD BROTHERS (and therefore also to 2007's The Warlords). It's also broadly similar to every film about country boys going to Shanghai in the 1930's ever, e.g. Boxer From Shantung - and therefore also to 1997's HERO (Corey Yuen). Basically it's not a very original script, nor is it very well written.

It's a shame, because the movie is technically solid - it looks good, sounds good, and has some decent action (not a lot). The cast do a decent job, but struggle against a script that doesn't provide much character motivation or depth, fails to generate much tension and is frankly a bit boring.