Cat Vs. Rat (1982)

Directed by
Great fights
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-05-07

A Kung Fu comedy with a (wilfully) simplistic story about two pupils of the same master who can't stop competing despite being apparently evenly skilled. Adam Cheng is definitely the nicer/straighter of the two - in fact Fu Sheng's character is a bit of a bastard, and I wanted to slap him more than a few times - a reaction he often provokes in me, admittedly.

As you'd expect from Lau Kar Leung, the fight scenes are fantastically choreographed and performed, even if they are played for laughs most of the time. Kara Hui and Gordon Liu get very little chance to show their stuff, unfortunately. The ending of the film seemed - weird, and wrong. Was this an alternate ending shot for the mainland, perhaps?