36 Deadly Styles (1980)

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4/10 - Not very good
Reviewed by Simon on 2004-02-04

Found a copy of 36 Deadly Styles lying around in my bedroom the other day (yes, that sort of thing happens to me a lot) so I gave it a go. It wasn't very good :(

I actually watched it in two sittings - the first hour I was not having a lot of fun, largely because I couldn't get past Bolo's ridiculous wig, but then I fell asleep and watched the last half hour the next day, when I was able to enjoy it more in a "this is stupid, but entertaining" sort of way.

The production values in the film are so far below the Shaws of the same period it's really hard to look past them... or perhaps it's just that there wasn't much there to look past the production values at?

Who is that guy with the red nose, btw, who is the single most annoying person in HK film? He almost single handedly ruined the first half of THE MASTER (1980) too (again with assistance from a stupid wig, this time on Yuen Tak's head).


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