Bolo Yeung

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Not very good (Wednesday, February 4, 2004)
Tsui Hark (Director) Cinema City (Production Company) George Lam Teddy Robin (Actor, Soundtrack) Karl Maka David Wu (1) Bolo Yeung Eric Tsang Walter Tso Tat-Wah Raymond Wong Pak-Ming (Actor, Writer) Sze-To Cheuk-Hon (Writer) Bill Wong Chung-Piu (Cinematographer)
Wildly silly comedy capers (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
Nice eye candy, not much else (Wednesday, August 31, 2005)
Good entertainment (Thursday, May 20, 2021)
Chin Siu-Ho fights a kangaroo (Sunday, June 14, 2020)
Jeng Cheong-Woh (Director) Lau Kar-Wing (Action Director) Chan Chuen (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Lo Lieh Wang Ping Tien Feng Tung Lam (Actor, Actor) Wong Gam-Fung James Nam Gung-Fan Chan Shen Bolo Yeung
classic piece of 70's kung fu (Wednesday, August 3, 2005)
Lucky Stars are annoying again (Saturday, September 15, 2001)
Chang Cheh (Director, Writer) Pao Hsueh-Li (Director) Lau Kar-Leung (Action Director) Chan Chuen (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Chen Kuan-Tai Ching Li Wang Chung Bolo Yeung Zhu Mu I Kuang (Writer)
Solid Chen Kuan-Tai vehicle (Saturday, May 6, 2006)
Wilson Tong (Director, Action Director, Actor) Fung Hak-On Ng Kwan-Lung Angela Mao Bolo Yeung
Quite decent (Saturday, August 31, 2002)
Classic epic (Monday, February 27, 2006)