The Flying Dragon Mountain (1971)

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A passable time-waster
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-08-17

It's hard to say whether The Fly Dragon Mountain or Flying Dragon Mountain is the correct name for this, as neither seems to have any relevance to the film whatsoever... flying is a thing dragons are known for though, so I'll assume that's what they were shooting for.

I must be getting close to the bottom of the Union Films catalogue now - this one doesn't even feature Polly Shang-Kuan! To be fair she would have been completely wasted, the only significant female character is a total wet drip.

The film is a fairly decent wuxia thriller, with solid camera work and action design. I can't say it's a classic but it's not a waste of time if you like this sort of thing. I feel it's important that somebody watch these films, but it is by no means essential that everybody does so.


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  • The Fly Dragon Mountain