The Dragon Fighter (1990)

Directed by
Girls and Boys with Guns
Reviewed by Simon on 2023-08-19

Boss Lung is head of a vicious criminal empire, with a sadistic spawn in line to inherit it. Sibelle Hu is a no-nonsense cop whose dad is a junkie. Alex Man is... kind of a dick? Carrie Ng kicks ass surprisingly convincingly. Michiko Nishiwaki is the love of my life.

This film features a suspicious number of characters and plot strands, given that everybody knows it's basically going to end with the cops and crooks trying to shoot, stab or explode each other with that wimpy nobody caught in the middle either getting tragically killed or heroically saving the day (I won't spoil which).

It's all good though. Is there any reason for Michiko Nishiwaki to be there on a quest to avenge her father's death? Yes - because she's Michiko Nishiwaki and having her in the film makes it better. Does the film ever explain what Alex Fong's character is supposed to be doing? Maybe, but I didn't catch it. He shoots a bunch of people though, so does it matter?

Tony Liu is no fool, he knows we're here for action, so that's where he focuses his energy... well that and a running gag about people touching Alex Man's chest, so it's a pretty complete package.


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