Carrie Ng

  • Carrie Ng Ka-Lai
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Quietly, gently, beautifully devastating (Saturday, February 22, 2020)
Clarence Fok (Director) Lau Shung-Fung (Action Director) Alan Tang Brigitte Lin Tony Leung Ka-Fai Simon Yam Carrie Ng Yuen Wah Dicky Cheung Elsie Chan Melvin Wong Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Jingle Ma (Cinematographer) William Yim (Cinematographer) Lowell Lo (Soundtrack)
Buy it... it's a work of genius! (Saturday, April 6, 2002)
One of the classics (Thursday, March 9, 2006)
Clarence Fok (Director) Yuen Tak (Action Director, Actor) Cinema City (Production Company) Sam Hui Maggie Cheung Nina Li Loletta Lee Carrie Ng (Actor, Actor) Yuen Wah Dean Shek Sun Xing Ann Mui Sarah Lee Lau Shun Ella Chan Bo-Wa (Writer) Ray Wong Chi-Wai (Cinematographer) Peter Ngor (Cinematographer)
medium-level classic (Saturday, March 1, 2003)
Pretty decent fluff (Thursday, April 25, 2002)
Not a great example of film-making (Wednesday, February 27, 2002)
Good if you're a Chiau fan (Wednesday, March 14, 2007)
Clarence Fok (Director) Lau Shung-Fung (Action Director) Chingmy Yau Carrie Ng Simon Yam Wong Jing (Writer) William Yim (Cinematographer) Peter Pau (Cinematographer)
Stylish nonsense (Wednesday, May 8, 2002)
Joe Cheung (Director, Writer) Benz Kong (Action Director) Poon Kin-Gwan (Action Director) Tung Wai (Action Director, Actor) Alan Tang Elizabeth Lee May Lo Simon Yam Andy Lau David Wu (1) Carrie Ng Melvin Wong Wong Kar-Wai (Writer)
Not bad (Wednesday, May 1, 2002)