Fists And Guts (1979)

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Reviewed by Simon on 2001-10-16

Lau Kar-Wing directs, 'our kid' Gordon Liu stars. I watched this over half a week, just managing half an hour at a time when I got home from work before passing out exhausted, which didn't help with following the plot. I'm not sure the plot was following a particularly straight line anyway though, so I was happy to just join up wherever it might be at the time. Gordon Liu enlists the help of two greedy layabouts to track down his housekeeper, a master of disguise who stole his family treasure. Much assorted kung fu and comedy ensues...

Absolutely great film, Gordon Liu is always a joy to watch, and his comedy co-stars were quite funny too. Lots of kung fu choreography from brothers Lau Kar-Wing and Lau Kar-Leung, all of it excellent. The leper fight and the 'fight over a box without making a noise' fight are very good, and Gordon's showdown with Lo Lieh is fantastic.

The film features one of the most booby-trapped lairs outside of a TOMB RAIDER game, the presence of which is largely inexplicable (a big locked door would have been so much easier and more effective), but the entrance to which is very cool.

The Tai Seng DVD is a full frame transfer from an Ocean Shores VHS master, but the picture quality is actually rather good. Widescreen would be much nicer of course. The dubbing is... well, dubbing, but not too bad. The comedy cockney accents kind of fit the cohorts, and Gordon Liu sounds as gentlemanly as ever.