Girls Unbutton (1994)

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Pleasant enough soft porn
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-02-17

It's still something of a mystery to me why Loletta Lee would choose to go Cat III when she already had a pretty successful movie career that had spanned many years. Surely she must have noticed that the "If I take my clothes off now I'll get better roles later" theory never works, with the exception of Shu Qi. Still, Loletta does seem to have come back from her ventures prettier than ever, and is getting ok roles again now as the regular leading lady for Buddy Team Productions.

Loletta is the lead of Girls Unbutton, which is basically about her quest to find the right man. Her approach to this is decidedly haphazard, and she strikes out quite regularly. The movie basically has her bounce from one man to another, squeeze in a quick sex scene and then wander off somewhere else. Much of it didn't make an awful lot of sense to be honest, except as a device to get Loletta and her co-stars naked. There's a lot of nudity in the pic, and plenty of simulated sex going on... just not a lot of plot. Elvis Tsui has the finest moments of the movie, making a memorable bid for Loletta's affections, but that's about it really.

Not unpleasant by any stretch of the imagination, but hardly memorable film-making. Oh, and Loletta - if you're still looking for her "Mr. Right", then I volunteer as the next candidate ;-)


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