Loletta Lee

  • Rachel Lee Lai-Chun
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Ronny Yu (Director) Bruce Leung Siu-Lung (Action Director) Bill Tung Loletta Lee Manfred Wong Richard Yuen (Soundtrack)
occasional moments of fun- 5/10 (Wednesday, August 22, 2007)
Lee Hon-To (Director) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Sarah Lee Loletta Lee Roy Cheung Shing Fui-On Clarence Fok (Producer)
Brutal and depressing, but... good- 7/10 (Friday, June 23, 2006)
medium-level classic- 8/10 (Saturday, March 1, 2003)
Taylor Wong (Director) Lam Moon-Wa (Action Director) Paragon Films Ltd. (Production Company) Loletta Lee Leung Si-Ho
Pleasant enough soft porn- 6/10 (Sunday, February 17, 2002)
Pretty decent fluff (Thursday, April 25, 2002)
Happy viewer (Friday, March 22, 2002)
Poor movie, but Loletta Lee is worth watching (Thursday, January 17, 2002)
Ricky Lau (Director) Sammo Hung (Action Director) Yuen Wah (Action Director) Wu Ma Loletta Lee Chin Kar-Lok Anthony Chan
Enjoyable (Wednesday, June 13, 2001)
Wilson Tong (Director, Action Director) Fung Hak-On (Action Director) Lam Ching-Ying Loletta Lee Stanley Fung Tai Bo
Manages to break the unbreakable- 2/10 (Wednesday, March 27, 2002)
Herman Yau (Director, Writer) Douglas Kung (Action Director) Andy Hui Loletta Lee Simon Loui (Writer) Cheung Tat-Ming
Not really a horror movie, but a good thriller- 7/10 (Sunday, February 17, 2002)