Where's Officer Tuba? (1986)

Directed by
Very funny and adorable Sammo film
Reviewed by Simon on 2024-04-14

When supercop David Chiang is killed on a case he makes cowardly tuba player Sammo Hung promise to take revenge for him. To make sure he keeps the promise, his ghost comes back to haunt him.

The "haunted cop" angle surprisingly takes a back seat for much of the film - IIRC the Stephen Chiau version Look Out, Officer! plays it up more. Sammo spends more time with an unusually alive Joey Wang and Jackie Cheung than with the spectral Chiang.

The film has more comedy than action but it is frequently very funny, and is one of Sammo's most adorable roles. There is a "meet the parents" scene that is one of the most amusing awkward dates I can recall.

Of course it's still a D&B film from the 1980's so there is an epic action finale, after Chiang finally persuades Sammo to take the revenge mission seriously - with his worryingly enthusiastic partner Cheung along for the ride.

I guess it's a classic "kitchen sink" Hong Kong movie - ghosts, action, comedy, romance and a neat 93 minute runtime. I see that in my original review I lamented the lack of focus, but on this rewatch I view it more as a strength. In fact it's one of the better examples of a Hong Kong's unique style of film-making.