2LDK (2003)

Directed by
Wicked fun
Reviewed by Simon on 2004-02-09

2LDK proves once more that you don't need billions of dollars for your budget and special effects to make a *great* film. In fact, all you need is two good actresses, a typical apartment in Tokyo, a clever script and a little sprinkling of ultra violence, and you can make yourself a classic!

2LDK is definitely the better half of the "Duel Project" in my opinion, thanks to the very clever and funny script, directed and performed almost perfectly. The film is short at 70 minutes, but this is all it needs given its simple concept - in fact it could easily have become very long with the restricted location and cast, but it is never allowed to do so.

Highly recommended!


  • 2LDK 011
  • 2LDK 003
  • 2LDK 012
  • 2LDK 008
  • 2LDK 007
  • 2LDK 010

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