Nightmares In Precinct 7 (2001)

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Not really a horror movie, but a good thriller
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-02-17

Well, since everybody seems to like this movie, I decided I'd brave my Simon-Loui-script phobia and give it a chance. After all, anything with Loletta (sorry, Rachel) Lee can't be all that bad, and I did get it for free. And I have to say I'm in agreement with those who've positively reviewed it before me - a surprisingly good movie, more thriller than horror and with quite a bit of depth and interest.

Any movie where the main character gets shot in the head in the first 10 minutes already has a good start, though in this case it simply results in Andy Hui being in a coma for 2 years. When he eventually wakes up he is surprised to find that a) he can see ghosts and b) Loletta Lee has been giving him bed baths for 2 years. After a speedy recovery he goes back to work, and takes over the investigation of a serial killer who has been raping & murdering attractive nurses. Unsurprisingly, one of his new ghost buddies tells him that Loletta is next, and since they've fallen in love whilst he was comatose he has an added motivation to catch the killer.

OK, when you try looking at it like that, the plot is dumb in a Loui way, but the script itself is good enough to keep you from dwelling on this too much. It all moves along at a good pace and has you caring for the characters - well, who could fail to care for Loletta whatever her plight really. Good performances (with Lam Suet's small part being the best, but Loletta & Andy doing well). Nice cinematography... generally a movie well worth seeing.