Ninth Happiness (1998)

Directed by
Reviewed by Simon on 2003-03-07

Everybody in Rainbow Village is super-nice and super-happy. So much so that they burst into song every few minutes to express their joy. But two bad officials come to the village and seek to corrupt the populace, to turn everybody else bad too.

Jesus christ this movie is bad. It's meant to be funny, I think, but it really isn't... the script is about as amusing as foot rot. The direction is horrific, inducing painful to watch performances from a cast that I know can act under better direction. The production feels cheap and thrown together...

... but all this would be bearable, if lamentable - but then there's the music! A musical where the songs are completely bland, repetitive and banal is just unbearable. The same basic melody is used over and over, with lousy singing of trite lyrics by the cast. It sounds totally lazy and quickly becomes highly tiresome.

I made it through 30-40 minutes, then fast-forwarded through the rest of the movie to see if anything interesting happened before the end. It didn't.