Raymond Wong Pak-Ming

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Eric Tsang (Director, Actor) Lau Kar-Wing (Action Director) Cinema City (Production Company) Sam Hui (Actor, Soundtrack) Karl Maka Sylvia Chang Yasuaki Kurata Tsui Hark Charlie Cho Walter Tso Tat-Wah Hon Kwok-Choi Raymond Wong Pak-Ming (Writer) Clifton Ko (Writer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Peter Ngor (Cinematographer) Teddy Robin (Soundtrack)
Lacks the chemistry of its predecessor (Thursday, April 1, 2021)
Tsui Hark (Director) Cinema City (Production Company) George Lam Teddy Robin (Actor, Soundtrack) Karl Maka David Wu (1) Bolo Yeung Eric Tsang Walter Tso Tat-Wah Raymond Wong Pak-Ming (Actor, Writer) Sze-To Cheuk-Hon (Writer) Bill Wong Chung-Piu (Cinematographer)
Wildly silly comedy capers (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
Pleasant and enjoyable sequel (Sunday, September 16, 2001)
Wish You Get High! (Tuesday, September 25, 2001)
somewhat entertaining (Tuesday, March 18, 2003)
Happy viewer (Friday, March 22, 2002)
Strange film (Sunday, July 29, 2007)
Avoid! (Friday, March 7, 2003)