Top Bet (1991)

Directed by
Quite fun
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-11-23

Another entry in the most confusing series of movies in the world. This one is a parallel sequel to All For The Winner (aka Saint Of Gamblers). After winning the competition at the end of AFTW, Saint Of Gambers (Stephen Chiau) decides to head off on a trip around the world. This leaves Uncle Tat in a difficult position when a Taiwanese triad type comes around announcing that Saint Of Gamblers must play for him in an upcoming tournament or Tat dies. That is, unless somebody better than SOG can be found. As luck would have it, at that very moment SOG's sister (Anita Mui) turns up. But she won't gamble, because she has been sent by the mainland special powers people to arrest SOG for abusing his powers for gambling. Tat therefore heads to the fish market to find Queen Of Gamblers (Carol Cheng) to play for him instead. Confused yet? Wait until "Fairy Of Gamblers" is introduced :D.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit... Anita Mui & Carol Cheng between them still aren't quite Stephen Chiau's comedic match, but they give a good effort. Watching Anita Mui do Bruce Lee is reason enough to watch the movie IMO :) The plot is pretty typical of the 'special powers' side of the series, with a whole bunch of racial stereotypes thrown into the mix (Mainlanders get the roughest end of this). Some funny moments throughout, with Carol Cheng pretty much stealing the show...