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A great story (Saturday, November 24, 2001)
A fairly typical film of the era (Thursday, March 25, 2021)
Jeff Lau (Director, Writer) Corey Yuen (Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Seasonal Film Corporation (Production Company) Stephen Chiau Cheung Man Ng Man-Tat Sandra Ng Paul Chun Lowell Lo (Soundtrack)
Great Stephen Chiau movie (Sunday, February 3, 2002)
Enjoyable early foray into Gambling Movies (Saturday, December 8, 2001)
No relation to CASINO RAIDERS (Saturday, December 8, 2001)
Recommended :) (Sunday, January 8, 2006)
Pleasing New Year offering from Milkyway (Tuesday, February 19, 2002)
Wong Jing (Director, Writer) Paul Wong Kwan (Action Director) Win's Movie Productions (Production Company) Chow Yun-Fat Andy Lau Cheung Man Joey Wang Charles Heung Jimmy Lung Fong Shing Fui-On Ng Man-Tat Ronald Wong Ban Peter Pau (Cinematographer) David Chung (Cinematographer) Lowell Lo (Soundtrack)
No doubt about it, a classic (Monday, February 25, 2002)
Less gambling, more farce (Wednesday, November 21, 2001)
Decent successor (Monday, February 25, 2002)