To Err Is Humane (1987)

Directed by
Don't bother
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-10-27

Sammo is an underpaid and underappreciated employee who decides to kidnap his boss for a ransom (only fair), but accidentally kidnaps the boss's stepdaughter (Joey Wang) instead. Things get complicated when Kenny Bee kidnaps Joey from Sammo (whose character is rather clumsy and unfortunate), resulting in an unusual sort of kidnapping triangle.

A somewhat creative idea for a story is squandered by a script that rarely meets an acceptable minimum of intelligence or coherency, and creates surprisingly few situations that are actually interesting or amusing. I'm not one of those people that believes a good film must be about good people, but TO ERR IS HUMANE offers characters who are neither good nor likeably flawed, or otherwise interesting enough to care much about how their situation pans out.

Although there are occasional moments that rise above the turgidity, the film has inadequate levels of anything that might justify sitting through 90 minutes of it - comedy, drama, action... all flops. Actually there's one thing that kept it from being switched off half way I guess, which is that Sammo Hung is always watchable even in a turkey like this. Unless you're a devoted Sammo completist (not a bad thing to be), I wouldn't bother with this film though.