Life Of Ninja (1983)

Directed by
Very cheesy but entertaining
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-10-21

This is one of Tai Seng's re-releases of an Ocean Shores VHS, with the awful picture quality and dubbing that implies. The film itself is plenty cheesy - a series of murders take place in modern day Hong Kong with Ninja signs left at the scene. A Ninja warning reveals that a nasty business man is their target, so the cop on the case gets a Ninja expert who teaches martial arts involved to help him. All good fun :-)

The film contains some really great action sequences, including a modicum of cheaply done Ninja trickery. Yasuaki Kurata has a good role as the chief Ninja. Not sure who the Ninja Expert hero is, but he fights well.

Recommended for those who can handle cheesy old school pan & scan & dubbed :-)