Chen Hung-Lieh

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Surprisingly violent swordplay film (Monday, February 19, 2007)
King Hu (Director) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director) Sammo Hung (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Yueh Hua
The one that started it all (Saturday, January 11, 2003)
Ngai Hoi-Fung (Director) Jackie Chan (Action Director) Corey Yuen (Action Director) Chiang Kam (Action Director) Shu Pei-Pei
Actually quite good (Wednesday, July 16, 2008)
Lo Wei (Director, Writer) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Yueh Hua Angela Yu Chien
watchable but non-essential (Sunday, March 13, 2005)
Chu Yen-Ping (Director) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Ma Yuk-Sing (Action Director) Dion Lam (Action Director) Jimmy Lin
Yan Jun (Director) Sammo Hung (Action Director) Han Kuo (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Ling Yun
Watchable, but not very good (Thursday, February 7, 2008)
Very cheesy but entertaining (Sunday, October 21, 2001)
A short film... but a good one (Tuesday, April 24, 2007)
Pretty decent (Sunday, April 9, 2006)
Fairly cookie cutter tale of heroic swordsmen (Friday, November 23, 2012)