All's Well End's Well (1992)

Directed by
Wish You Get High!
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-09-25

A Chinese New Year Family Drama / Comedy (does that make it a Family Comedy?). Stephen Chiau appears, but shares the lead with Leslie Cheung, Sandra Ng, Teresa Mo and the rest of the mildly dysfunctional family in what must be one of his more restrained roles.

Leslie Cheung plays Chiau's decidedly effeminate brother, and Raymond Wong his older brother who is cheating on long-suffering wife Sandra Ng. Chiau himself is a 'wolf', in the sexually predatory sense, who becomes enamoured with the slightly crazy movie obsessive Maggie Cheung. Teresa Mo is the boyish cousin of the family with a painful looking foot massage technique.

The events of the movie revolve around their family conflicts and love-life conflicts, and it's generally a heart-warming and amusing tale with some great comedy moments. Ends with the traditional New Year's greeting "Kung Hei Fat Choi" being shouted by the cast, which is interestingly translated into English as "Wish You Get High". Can't knock a film with a message like that :-)