Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000)

Directed by
Beatifully filmed
Reviewed by Simon on 2000-10-16

Poor but honest Hrithik Roshan meets the spoilt, rich and beautiful Amisha Patel. They fall for each other, but jealousy interferes with their relationship until - as luck would have it - they are stranded on a desert island together. They fall in love.

When they are eventually rescued, Amisha's family disapprove but agree to let them marry, once Hrithik can "stand on his own two feet". But will they ever let this happen?

This 3 hour film takes in a range of beautiful locations, all shot with luscious cinematography. It covers similar ground with emotions. It could definitely be classed as a "chick flick" (it had me in tears!), but a couple of well-placed action scenes keep it credible for the boys.

The soundtrack (from brother of the director and uncle of the star Rajesh Roshan) is excellent, and both the stars make a strong impression in their debut roles.

Epic, beautiful, romantic, emotional, funny... "Believe in love".


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