Bakery Amour (2001)

Directed by
Pleasant without being particularly exciting
Reviewed by Simon on 2001-10-21

Starring Francis Ng (Quite possibly the coolest man alive) and Michelle Reis (Quite possibly the most beautiful woman alive) in a pleasant enough romantic drama. Francis' character is a naive old-fashioned and ultimately child-like man from a small village, who for reasons that are explained in the movie sets up a bakery with Michelle Reis' somewhat vulnerable character. Affection starts to build, but then Michelle's ex arrives back on the scene to complicate matters.

Did very little for me overall, but then affairs of the heart are something that have very little resonance for me these days (sniff!). I liked Francis' character, and it's never unpleasant to watch Michelle Reis or Stephanie Che, but I didn't have much interest for their story. The sappy English-language love songs used throughout were a big turn-off too.