Crazy n' The City (2005)

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An odd little film
Reviewed by Simon on 2005-12-31

CRAZY N' THE CITY is an odd little film that's difficult to summarise. One can note that Joey Yung is the enthusiastic rookie who is partnered with cynical cop Eason Chan, and that Francis Ng is a crazy guy, but that really doesn't capture what the film is "about". It's essentially a whimsical tour of Hong Kong life as seen through the eyes of the cops patrolling the streets of Wan Chai, meeting various characters whose stories make up the film more so than the spurious serial killer thread that's introduced late and given little development.

The main characters are those played by Joey, Eason, Francis and whoever it is that plays the masseuse (non-erotic) who moves in above Francis. Numerous other faces come and go throughout the course of the film, with Kara Hui, Lam Suet and Chin Kar-Lok being particularly welcome.

Not a lot happens for the most part, it's just people living their lives... some of them only just so and a couple not at all by the end. The film tries to bring a message of hope, but not in a naive way - it acknowledges that life can deal some serious blows to a person, but suggests that we should try to remain positive and not let it defeat us (until it's killed us). Something like that, anyway. The story manages to remain on the right side of cliche and schmaltz despite delivering what could easily have been an asinine message.

Mildly recommended.